Only Networks will stop slavery

A powerfully networked civil society is key to ending slavery.
Arise focuses on building up frontline networks to enable them to eradicate this global crime. 

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Arise's network is present in many of the most vulnerable source areas for trafficking and slavery. Click here to learn more about how we are serving at-risk communities.




Every gift, large or small, means support to frontline groups. Your gift will make a difference where it matters most.



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Arise's Network

Arise is building up frontline networks in source countries. To date we have focused on regions where our trusted network is strongest.



How we make a difference


Moving towards liberation.


Getting preventative help.


Abolitionists mobilised.

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Every gift, large or small, means direct support to frontline groups.  Your gift will make a difference where it matters most.

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News & Events

  • FADICA honours Arise Founder John Studzinski CBE

    John Studzinski, Arise’s founder, has been honoured with the St Katharine Drexel Award in Catholic Philanthropy by the Board of founders of Donors and Interested in Catholic Activities (FADICA). Read more

  • The true cost of slavery: 70 men trafficked from one village

    In a small village in lower Assam, we recently heard a heart breaking tale, but unfortunately one that is all too common. Read more

  • New Government, new opportunities

    Let’s be candid about it: the anti-slavery movement tends to lean left. Something about the traditional association of Conservatism with harsh migration policies makes it difficult for people to cast Tory anti-slavery efforts in a positive light. Read more