Myra's* family were desperate when they agreed to send their thirteen year old daughter to work in the city. They believed that she would be looked after, and they would get remittances from her work. Instead she was sold, abused, tortured and raped. Her parents never received a rupee. Through the dedication of AMRATs network she was rescued in Delhi and returned to her family on the other side of India. 


The Promise of a city job

Myra was sold into slavery by relatives when she was only thirteen years old. They had promised her a city job so she could send money back to her impoverished family. Instead she was knowingly sold to a fake agency, who sent her to work as a domestic worker in northern Delhi. The family made her work from 4am until midnight every day, with little food. For even tiny mistakes, she was beaten and scolded.


Myra's Re-selling 

Myra believed that the money she was earning was helping her family. In fact, it was taken by the agency, and her family never received a rupee. Her belief meant that Myra took the abuse, working for this family for two years, before being sold again by her agency to a family in a city north of Delhi. She was only 15.

Her new family treated her even worse. Myra suffered more physical abuse as well as torture. At least one of the male members of the house raped her, threatening her with death if she told anyone. When the sister-in-law of her relative promised her a better job, Myra went to meet her. However, she was sedated and gang-raped for three days. When she became conscious again, she was threatened before being returned to her domestic slavery. Myra later discovered she was pregnant, and having been told by her agency to get an abortion, found herself having to steal from her employers to find the money.



It was in this state that she made contact with one of the sisters working in the AMRAT Network. Through their tireless work, Myra was able to escape from her employers, and file a criminal report with the police. Although her employers tried to prevent, attempting to move her to rural Haryana, her she managed to return to her family in Chhattisgarh. She is now living happily with her family, and is working in a bakery, having done a two month course to learn the necessary skills.

*Not her real name