In response to frontline need, Arise has established a dedicated fund to provide small grants to frontline organisations and their networks to help them get essentials to those in dire need. Many of our network have reported that the communities they serve are even more vulnerable because of the virus as they cannot access supplies or safety equipment and are often already in poor health. Arise’s support is intended to help frontline organisations and networks which normally work to confront modern slavery and human trafficking respond to pressing need among those they serve. 
Who is it for?
Arise’s usual criteria apply. If the following describes your organisation, you may be eligible.
  • Are you a frontline organisation (locally led and founded)?
  • Are you working in a country of origin?
  • Before the outbreak, was your organisation working to prevent exploitation through human trafficking and modern day slavery?
  • Are you finding ways to assist the communities you were already serving amidst the COVID-19 pandemic emergency? 
How will the money be used?
The funding is to enable to frontline organisations to provide essentials to communities where vulnerability to exploitation is heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many in the community are in precarious work which has ceased as a consequence of broad-scale shutdowns. Many are unable to obtain basic essentials. These people often overlap with those most vulnerable to exploitation. By limiting our help to communities where work was already underway to prevent human trafficking and modern slavery, we are acting to prevent those communities from becoming more at risk to exploitation.
Funding will be used to source and distribute essential supplies - provided either through “food banks” or “food drops” models. 
What provision is there for keeping people safe?
All grantees must:
  • Undertake and complete World Health Organisation training. 
  • Display appropriate signage Arise has provided. 
  • Ring-fence 10% of budget provided by Arise for supplies of protective equipment to staff.
  • Regularly review risks in consultation with Arise.
  • Abide by government regulations.
*No grantee may permit anyone who lives in a community with people considered ‘high-risk’ to participate. 
How are payments made?
If you are eligible to receive payment from international organisations, Arise may make a direct transfer. If not, you may be asked to invoice another local organisation to which Arise has transferred funds. This will be organised in consultation with Arise 
How do I apply?
If you believe you are eligible, please complete this quick survey and we will be in touch: